Man, I’ve been busy!

gosh, it’s hard to belive that it’s been like 4 weeks since my last post!

Well, here’s the story:

in my last post I mentioned that I was going to a week of training for a camp I wanted to work at – well I went, had fun, and started working the next week. It’s crazy fun! The only problem is I now have no life other than camp (except on Saturdays), and I can’t have a cell phone at the camp – so I have no access to the outside world :(

For those who care, here is what I do at Horten Haven:

During the Jr. weeks I teach swimming lessons for 2 hours, then depending on the director, I lifeguard for between 2 to 3 1/2 hours. Also, depending on the director, I sometimes guard for evening activities and night swims. I get there before swimming lessons, and leave after everything is done. Some days I’m there all day! I love it!

Last week was a early teen week, so I didn’t teach swimming lessons. But I stayed the whole week (I slept at the lodge) and worked maintance – cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors, and the like. I really enjoyed it, and I’m planning to do the same again after swim team is over.

btw: I got a facebook recently and designed some t-shirts on cafepress (woohoo) – I know, who cares.


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