a relic from the past… (one week ago)

I wrote this about a week ago and completely forgot about it till this morning when i was looking through some of my notebooks. It’s quite likely that I’ll be posting more stuff like this from some of my old notebooks

what’s going on?      i feel so… i dunno… impatient? afraid? selfish?

gah!                        it’s not that i don’t like thinking about it…
                                                    ‘cause i really do like the idea
                                                                      i guess i just don’t want to wait

love…                      i love her more than anyone else I know… i want what’s best for her
                                                   even if it’s not me

God                         i want what God wants for me
                                                   even if it’s not her

He knows best         He wants us to be happy… i guess i should trust him (i do trust him)

the point?                what is the point? why am i here? why was i brought to tennessee?
                                                   why did we meet? why do we both seem to want this?
                                                                     where am i supposed to be?
                                                                                        where do i go from here?


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