oh my goodness! I had so much fun! my weekend started on thurday, and in that time I went to a play, a birthday party, had a nerf war in a church, had a pillow fight in a different church, sprouted seeds, met a family and a half, almost got lost, saw people I haven’t seen in forever, saw someone I’ve never seen before, learned new songs, heard a band that I’d never heard, went to joelton for the first time in my life, rode in like three different cars, ate peanut butter and honey, called someone who was sitting right next to me, hung up because she put me on hold, texted people from across the room, wondered why someone keeps a bunch of earrings in her pocket, finally got a piece of mail that was sent to me and some friends back in august, hugged the same four people like five times in a five minute period, owed someone two hugs, gave them who knows how many, poked lots of people in the ribs, felt very awkward a few times, blushed even more often, played wii with my best friend and her pseudo brother, wished I’d taken more pictures, lost my cell phone charger, watched bethany almost kill someone with a door, and went on a very long twalk…

I know I did a lot more than that, but that’s all I can think of right this second. Plus, it’d take like 50000 words to describe everything in detail. Bottom line, I had a lot of fun and now I’m sad it’s over.

I really hope I get to do something like that again sometime


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