dang, has it really been a month? wow…

but anyway, praise be to the giver of all good things, it’s spring! the trees are getting leaves, flowers are flowering, animals are waking up… and my eyes itch.

since it’s spring, my brother and i went for a walk in the woods behind our house. there’s a lot of stuff out there but we’d just never seen it because it’s been too cold or wet. but we finally had a really nice day after like a week of thunderstorms, so we made the most of it

we also got some yard work done, and i located some springs on the property. it’s kinda calming to watch the water bubble up out of the ground. maybe i’ll get some pictures once we get them all cleaned out.

i’ve been having a pretty good month so far. my brother and i got to hang out with rach and her family for a couple hours. we hung out at the mall and then went to lunch after they got done with a dress fitting (how fun, i know)

but yeah, i’m done rambling. hopefully i’ll start getting some real stuff to blog about soon. you know, news type stuff.



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