It’s passover! And I get to celebrate times two this year!

So on Friday, we went to a friend’s house and showed them what passover is all about. It was really cool because we got to share my favorite holiday with a family that hadn’t ever experienced it before. Then, we’re going to my best friend’s church to celebrate with them. Oh my gosh, it’s going to be so amazing.

But yeah, passover is like my favorite holiday ever. It has so much meaning to me as a Christian. And there’s some really good memories that are tied to passover too. Like something that happened last summer. But that’s another story.  : )

if you don’t know what passover is, I bet wikipedia would tell you. And there’s a good article on the meaning of passover at I also plan to do a post about what passover means to me. I might try to get that out sometime this week if time allows.


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