Some decent weather… for a change

Finally,  the weather has been pretty decent for a couple days. Sunny and in the mid 70s with light breezes. And with the lovely weather, things seem to be looking up. I’m starting to get caught up on schoolwork, I’ve started running, camp starts in like a month, and I’m getting some driving practice in!

These last few weeks have been busy, I’ve gone driving, been trying to finish my schoolwork for the semester, and started working out. We went to dinner with my best friend and her family for passover. And we’ve been learning more about dairy goats then I ever thought we would. With my brother’s garden and now the goats, it looks like we’re going to have a regular farm going over here.

On Wednesday, I spent the whole day moving and weedeating out behind our house to get the pasture ready for the goats and now my brothers are working on fixing the barn so we’ll have some stalls to put them in. We’ve got some fencing to do in the next few days and then we’ll be ready to get the goats.

And I think i found a swim team that I’m going to join when the season starts! I think it’s like August or somthing. But yeah, things are going pretty good. Now I’m just counting down the days till camp starts… 36 or something like that. Yay!


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