one of those days

Yesterday was one of those “most horrible days ever”. You know, the ones where nothing goes right? Yeah, that’s how my Saturday went.

It kinda started on Friday evening. we were at a barbecue and we were out pretty late and I forget exactly what happened, but i was in a really bad mood. Well, when I woke up on Saturday, I was still in a bad mood. But it was worse. I had a CPR training at 8 that morning and the red cross building was about 45 minutes away. I was planning to wake up at 6:30 so I’d have time to get ready and eat breakfast and everything. But my alarm decided it was going to freak and not wake me up at the proper time. My dad ended up having to get me, but he waited until 10 minutes before we were going to leave. So here I am, still in a bad mood from Friday night, waking up to find out that we had to leave in 10 minutes!

So I’m quickly scrambling to get ready, and I can’t find any clothes at all. By time I get dressed, it’s time to leave and we’re already running a little late. so we hurry out the door before I even get a chance to eat anything. no shower, no breakfast, tired, in a bad mood, and we’re running late.

We finally get into town and we go to where the red cross website said the chapter building was – “100 yards down from the EMS building”. Yeah, that was an unmarked building and it was locked up tight. So we go to the EMS station and ask the EMT who answered the door if he knew where the red cross building was. He was able to look it up for us and gave my dad directions. So did we finally get to the red cross building, but I was already like 15 minutes late.

The class went ok, and we actually finished a few minutes before noon. But my mother (who was picking me up) didn’t quite plan right and ended up not getting out of the house on time. I didn’t know this until I called to let her know that the class was over. Turns out she was about 20 minutes behind schedule, while I was like 5 minutes ahead. So at this point, I’m looking at being stuck at the red cross for almost a half hour. But that would’ve been preferred to having my mom get lost and end up adding another 15 minutes. so yeah, I was stuck at the red cross for a total of 45 minutes after the class was over, and I was getting quite hungry.

I finally got picked up we were heading home, so I asked my mom if we could stop and get something to eat, but she said that we were going to eat when we got home. She didn’t mention that we had to stop at Kroger to buy the stuff first. Well, we pull into Kroger and Isaac is sleeping and my mom doesn’t want to go into the store anyway, so she hands me her debit card and gives me a verbal shopping list that went something like this: “we need something for lunch and something for dinner and some water… salad sounds good”. Yeah, I had no clue what to get.

So I’m walking around Kroger and it’s like national stock up on picnic stuff day or something because like everyone in Murfreeseboro is buying hot dogs and lunch meat. So after like an hour of wandering around the store and calling my mom about every 10 minutes to ask what to get, I have decided to grill the burgers we had left over from the barbecue on Friday night for lunch, and to do a grilled chicken salad for dinner. so I get what i need and find a line. It took me forever since they were all super full and I was half asleep and could hardly even decide what way was up.

I finally get to the point where I’m paying, and I totally space and hit enter. Yeah, the same as you always do for a credit card. But this time was different since it was my mom’s card. Yeah, I had to call her and have her wake up Isaac and come into the store and sign the little ticket. Luckily, the manager was fine with it and let me stand off to the side while I waited for my mom, so at least I wasn’t holding up the line too much.

So I finally get that taken care of and we get in the car and get everything put away and I make a sandwich for myself so i don’t like pass out and die. I finally get all buckled in the car and start eating and my mom is like “why don’t you give half of your sandwich to Isaac”. So I’m tearing off some to give him and she starts choking on her snickers bar. Now she’s frantically motioning for me to get her water while i’m already strapped in the car and have my hands full. So I look for a cup, and get out of the car and go to the back and pour her a cup of water and all that. Finally, I was able to eat my sandwich.

Then we get home and i fire up the grill so I can start making lunch. It won’t light. Like for anything. I had to clean and then light each section by hand. So now the grill is finally lit and I’m letting it heat up. I give it a bit and go out and everything looks good, so I put the burgers on and let them cook for a while. I come back to them to find that the grill ran out of propane before the burgers even pretended to start cooking. We had to switch out the tank, so I didn’t actually get lunch made until like 4 or so. By this time we were like “ok, burgers are dinner”. But they overcooked, and were more like charcoal than eatable meat.

So a failed at dinner. Time to try something school related… Hah! I end up working the last half of an algebra set, only to realize that I had already done that set. Ok, let’s try chemistry. But it turns out my brain is totally fried by this point, so I spend like an hour staring at my chemistry work.

But yeah, yesterday was definitely not my day. I think the high point was when Rach was like “aw… I’m so sorry… today just isn’t your day” after she asked what had me so down. I’m so glad it’s over. Today seems to be going pretty good so far.


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