this blog’s theme really sucks

oh gosh, this blog looks horrid… i like almost everything about it, except that the links are a blue-green-turquoise-ish color… and there’s this weird bar along the top of the footer… and since i don’t “own” it, i can’t tweak my widgets or theme or put my own custom junk on it

i’m thinking of moving to my own hosting soon, but i can’t find the time to do much of anything… maybe this summer…


2 thoughts on “this blog’s theme really sucks

  1. At least it’s readable—though i do have to run the text size up a few notches for my taste. Personally, i’m a fan of avoiding changing the type size. I tend to think that people have a better idea of what they can read than i do; so i try to leave it be.

    Meanwhile, i’m cool with the link colours. But yeah, that big fat divider bar is a bit much—especially considering that the content that it’s dividing is realated.

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