An explanation (excuses)

Whoa, it’s been a while. Let’s see if I remember how to do this…

I guess I need to start with an explanation as to why it’s been so long. I’ve never been a steady blogger, but i had made up my mind to write at least regularly. Heh, then our internet situation went from bad to worse. Now we can hardly get on at all at home. And the closest library or hotspot is like 20 minutes away.

so anyway, that’s my excuse. Now for an update…

Things are going… ok…

I’m totally swampped with school. Somehow I ended up totally upside down and so I’m taking physics, chemistry, biologey, spanish 1 and 2, algebra 2, geometry, and world history. All in one year… O_o

But school is kinda more fun this year. We started going to a co-op and so I’m taking physics with other people instead of being at home dropping books on the floor and timing them by myself. I’m also on the newpaper and taking an english country dance class. Seriously, I have decided that I love dancing. I know, right? lol

I seriously didn’t know how much fun dancing was until a friend invited me to her tutorial’s swing dance. I had a lot of fun, and have since been dancing quite a few times. Even my brothers are having fun with it. Benjamin is actually taking dance with me. I think the parents are starting to get into it a little too. I can’t blame them, it’s fun and it’s decent exercise.

wow, I have a LOT to say, lol

Oh! I’m considering starting swimming again. And no, it’s not because of the Olympics. I’ve been thinking about it for the past year. I’m really missing it. One thing is for sure though – there are a few things that I’m not going to give up for swimming. But yeah, I just need to find a pool and get my butt back in shape.

But I think my mom is ready to leave.

I’ll blog more when I can


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