Life as it stands

In my last post, I was talking about how life had been going. But I didn’t nearly have time to go over everything that’s happened in the last few months.

I think I left off with swimming, so that’s where I’ll start…

I’ve bee working out as much as I can at home, stuff like pushups, situps, stretching, breathing work, running, and the like. But I really really want to get back into the water.

So far, everything I’ve written about has been great. But now for the “eh… ok…” stuff…

We’re in the process of looking for a new place to live. It’s a long story, but basically, our landlord needs the house we’re renting. So we’re moving out. The only problem with that is that we only have till the end of next month to find something. And so far, we’re not having such good luck finding anything. Worst case seneraio is that we go to live with my grandparents in north carolina. And that would be ok. But… I’d be so far away from what I have here. We’re going to to be going to visit them for 8 days next week. And that’s going to be… different. I think 8 days will be long enough. We’ll see…

But I’m out of time again… and that’s how life has been going fo me lately, lol. Co-op is tomorrow. Now it’s time for homework.


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