The Week Ahead

In 24 hours, I’ll be in North Carolina. Snack is currently (kinda) out of town and has no cell service and will be there until Monday. It’s already horrible and it’s only been like a few hours since I meet with her for lunch. I’m going to die. I mean, I know I’m going to have fun with my grandparents in NC. But I don’t like the fact that Snack and I are like totally separated from each other.

But anyway, if you hadn’t gathered, my brothers and I are leaving for NC tomorrow. It’s not going to be that huge for me to be making a trip like that by myself, but it’ll be interesting with my brothers. And I haven’t flown in forever, so it’s going to be kinda different.

Snack and her family are coming up tomorrow to see us off at the airport and then they’re going to play mini-golf and go to church and go dancing and then they’re going back to wherever they’re vacationing. *sigh*, I wish I could go with them. Or at least have some contact with her. But it’s a time for her and her family to get away from everything. It’ll be good for her. I just wish she saw it that way.

The flight from Nashville to Raleigh isn’t too long. I think it’s like an hour and a half or something. We’ll probably spend more time in security checks and waiting lines and on the runway than we’ll spend in the air.

I don’t know what we’ll be doing once we’re picked up at the airport tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll be spending some time with the grandparents. I might be able to find some time to blog about the flight. I really don;t know though.

But I need to finish packing and do some shopping. Wish me a safe flight.


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