Next Summer

Have you ever heard of Cornerstone? Well, it’s this huge music festival. It’s like a week long, and from what my friends tell me, it’s amazing. And it’s looking like I’m going to be there with a bunch of my friends next year! I seriously cannot wait. It’s looking like it’s going to be a really awesome summer

The only thing about it is that college is going to be starting after the summer is over. And, while I’m excited about that, I’m really and seriously tired of school. *sigh*

grr… speaking of school… I should be working on that now…


One thought on “Next Summer

  1. Ahh! Son you can’t just go talking about Cornerstone openly all over Facebook! Cornerstone is meant only for the people who have earned the right to spend a whole week without showers, bathrooms, or any sleep whatsoever, and spend the week walking around on dusty roads in 100 degree weather to get to a concert 4 miles away. If you talk about Cornerstone to just anyone, it will be cluttered with people who don’t deserve to go.

    You think I’m kidding, but this is a serious matter.

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