New Jersey

Ah, New Jersey. We’ve been here for 5 days, and it’s been kinda crazy. Crazy in the “we’ve been going almost nonstop all week” kind of way. First, we flew into Philly and went to the house we were going to be staying at. It was about 45 minutes away. We headed over and dropped our bags at my cousin’s house, then we loaded up and went to my aunt’s place to see my great grandmother.

We visited for a while and then ordered some pizza for dinner. I got to show them my pictures of the family, and some of my creative work. After that, of was all kinda a blur. Somewhere in the mix was a trip to go see my other great grandmother who’s in a nursing home. And there was a trip to go see a Christmas light display. We’d been planning to go to NYC, but everyone got sick. So we mostly just hung out with various relatives. My great grandmother was with us every day. That was really amazing. I haven’t seen her in years. We also had a dinner party ad I got to see another of my cousins and his fiancée. They’re pretty cute together.

Now it’s time to head out for a weekend in Raleigh with my grandparents. Then back home to Nashville. We’ll have been gone for a total 7 days. That’s a dang long time. But here we go… off to the airport. Wish me luck.


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