Doctor Who?

Over the last few days, Rach has been driving me crazy about this show that her and her family have been watching. It’s called Doctor Who and it seriously sounds like an amazing show. I really want to see it! But it’s not available and hulu or anywhere like that. And she wouldn’t let me watch it without her anyway.

So for now I just have to be patient and put up with seeing facebook statuses saying things like “thinks that doctor who is the most amazing show ever” or “doesn’t know if she likes the new doctor.”

I will say my resolve is wearing thin. I looked up the show on the BBC website and read the show description. But it doesn’t tell you much.

And… I found Doctor Who on iTunes…

If I Rach can’t introduce me to the doctor soon, I might break down and buy the first episode just so I can see what this is all about. Maybe if I can wait for the 21st, LOST will keep me busy for a while…


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