Last Friday was my 18th birthday. I didn’t feel much different though. Not right away, anyway. It’s finally starting to sink in though. I’m 18. I have my own bank accounts now. I’m legally responsible for my actions. I can buy lottery tickets. I can go to regular jail. But most importantly, I can have my very own paypal account!

My birthday was fun, like really. I went to dinner three times! And I went dancing, and to a coffee shop, and a bat mitzvah, and had my hair so full of product that it was insane. One of my friends wanted to make my hair look like this: https://justint.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/david-tennant-2.jpg – it was interesting. Too bad it didn’t work.

So yeah, I’ve been having fun. But it keeps hitting me at random times that I’m really 18. I’ve randomly texted some of my friends and been like “I’m 18 now, huh?”. I’m going to college this fall. In three more years, I’ll be turning 21. Three years after that, I’ll be 25. I’m getting older. I’m starting the part of my life that my parents and God have been training me for over the last 18 year. I’m pretty excited to see what exactly the future hold for me.


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