Homeschool Community Pages

Today, I’m finishing up work on a directory of businesses that I’ve been helping a friend with. It’s kinda been a fun project, but I ended up with way more work to do that I though I would, and I ended up on a much much tighter deadline than was planned. So, over the last three days, I’ve been working like crazy to format andwork layout for a 26 page directory. And come up with a webpage. And yeah.

Here’s the details. Two formats – half letter booklet for publication and full page corner/edge staple for home printing. Both versions available online on a site (not ideal, but it was the best for the budget). The download is handled by 150 print copies, online distribution, 26 pages, covering 13 counties in Middle Tennessee.

But the hardest part is done now. I’m just waiting for the last of the ads to be confirmed and then I’m hitting the launch button on it. Check it out at

I’m curious to see how big this thing might get since it’s a rather targeted, semi-local directory. I’ll be keeping an eye on the metrics.


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