Firefox Is Eating My Cookies

*Note* This post refers to a problem I was having. “Was” being the operative word.  I’ve since fixed the problem. See Firefox Was Eating My Cookies for a post about that

Lately, I’ve been getting this annyoing feeling. I’m feeling unimportant. Websites no longer remember who I am. Gmail no longer whisks me straight to my inbox. Facebook no longer associates my face to my book. I was starting to think I might’ve done something to offend The Internets. But then, the awful truth hit me…

Firefox is eating my cookies. *dun dun DUN*

Apparently, this is a new problem. Someone I follow on twitter had the same thing and he fixed it by deleting a file called cookies.sqlite in the firefox appData folder. I tried that and it worked! My cookies were sticking and I was getting the online VIP treatment again. For three days.

Thee days, then firefox updated itself. Poof, the cookies are gone again. But it’s not like they’re gone gone. Firefox still shows them under the view cookies dialog. The websites just don’t see them. Maybe firefox is keeping them to itself in case it gets hungry… Whatever the reason, I hope it’s fixed soon.


7 thoughts on “Firefox Is Eating My Cookies

  1. Woah! That’s weird! Im a web developer and I haven’t ever seen anything like it. Have you tried doing a clean reinstall of FF, e.g. uninstalling via Control Panel then deleting all related folders such as the one in AppData and Program Files, then reinstalling the latest distro? Make sure to clear out ALL files, including the ones that are stored in the “All Users” category. Those muck stuff up too.

    -C Day

  2. yeah, i’ve thought about it… the only thing, is i’m working on a shared computer and everyone on it uses firefox… they might call for my head if i deleted everything to do with firefox, lol… no one else is having any trouble though, just me

  3. Oooh.. yeah. Im sure they would love you for that. Well, since you are the only one having a problem, it must be local. I guess your Fox is just underfed.. poor thing. >.<

  4. well… i’m not sure that this is going to help anyone… but firefox seems to be giving me my cookies again… i didn’t do anything at all, but they all seem to be working fine… i doubt it’ll hold though

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