College Classes and a Dead Camera

It’s getting more real. Seriously, college is coming. Last week, I went to the college for what they call “customs.” It’s like a cross between orientation  and registration and some other stuff. We were divided into groups by our major and got to meet the deans and advisers of our departments some of the current students and on the second day we went and had our student IDs made up, met the student organizations, and registered for classes. I was also able to take care of some other stuff like dropping off my final transcript and looking at the dorms I’m going to be staying in. But now I’m all done with that stuff, I’m an official student of Middle Tennessee State University!

Unfortunately though, my camera died while I was there. I went to take a picture with it and noticed that the screen had a lovely line through it and it was all white with black splotches. Not good. Thankfully its still in warrenty though (barely – it expires on the 3rd of June),  so I’m sending back to get hopefully it fixed. I’m so bored without that thing. And graduation is in 2 days, so there won’t be many pictures. Maybe I’ll steal Rachel’s camera and use it during the grad party.


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