Thoughts on School

I finally did it… I graduated! I’m done with school until college starts. It’s kinda different not having schoolwork to do all the time. I’ve always been homeschooled, and it seems like I’ve always been either trying to catch up on or get ahead in something. Most of my summers had at least a half load of schoolwork that I was supposed to be doing. It’s been a long few years, especially the last 4. High school has been pretty intense.

Being homeschooled through high school makes some people look at you kinda funny. It’s almost like they’re thinking “you can do that?” Other times they come right out and ask you some of the oddest questions: “what do you do for sports?” “where do you get your diploma?” “how do you make any friends?” and others like that. The answers are pretty easy, although most people look at me in disbelief when I say “friends? I’ve got the most amazing friends ever! Graduation? of course, and there’s going to be a hundred students there. And no, we didn’t have prom in my garage.” It’s been so much fun

Looking back on it though, I learned some very important lessons during the last 12 years. Here’s a list of some that come to mind as the most useful:

  1. Don’t forget about biology
  2. When you’re studying, classical music can be just as distracting as anything else
  3. Mom’s rules always triumph
  4. When in doubt, don’t cite wikipedia
  5. For most people, geometry is nothing more than a method for proving the obvious
  6. Don’t write papers on obscure subjects
  7. Facebook is an amazing place
  8. “Gmail ate my homework” doesn’t work
  9. will play the most random songs when you’re trying to study
  10. Taking physics, chemistry, algebra, biology, and geometry is not the most brilliant way to spend your senior year
  11. Your life explodes in the second semester of your senior year
  12. Graduation is one of the oddest things you will ever go through
  13. Learning almost never happens on schedule
  14. Don’t bother putting your name in your graduation cap, it’ll get lost anyway
  15. Going to the mall doesn’t usually count as a study session
  16. Friends are an absolute must
  17. You’ll never have the time, so you may as well do it now
  18. Taking a break when you still have work to do (procrastinating) isn’t as fun as actually being done
  19. You can’t sing along to a song and read at the same time
  20. Colleges should give you a degree or a scholarship for just figuring out how to apply

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this new chapter in my life that’s going to be starting. But that’s a subject for a whole other post.


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