Well, it looks like I’m finally getting into the swing of things. I got a job as a lifeguard at the city pools here in Murfreesboro and I’ve been working there for almost a week now. It’s such a fun job.  Yesterday, there was a swim meet going on, we had a tornado break, and one of the guards was having a potluck with his water aerobics class and we got to eat some of the food. That kind of stuff is exactly why I love guarding. The people are always fun too, and being near a pool to swim laps during my breaks isn’t too bad either.

I also finally bought myself a laptop. It’s a pretty slick machine with a dual core 64 bit proessor and a 15.6 inch 16:9 screen. It rocks at graphics work and movies. The keyboard is taking some getting used though – but that’s mostly because I’m a terrible typer. When I type the way I’m used to, it nds up loong like ths… yeah.

I’ve also started working on a web/marketing project and maybe found a swim team to spend some time with for the summer. I’m pretty excited. All I need now is to get some subs for the week of cornerstone. I half of the days taken care of already, but that isn’t going to help unless I get the rest of the week off too. I can’t just pull a sick day or use some vacation time.

Now it’s time to go start dinner and get ready to go see about coaching swim practice and hopefully not fall asleep in the process. Wish me luck!


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