A Glimpse

Have you you ever felt like someone took your life and turned upside down? Well, that happened to me recently. I still haven’t worked through what happened all the way, and I’m not ready to write about it yet I don’t think, but I needed to get some stuff out. This post might seem pretty pointless and incredibly disorganized. Just call it a glimpse into my heart.

I don’t even know how to start this. I have a lot of praying to do. I’ve been seeking God for the past week, it’s pretty intense. Sleep definitely isn’t what it used to be. I’ve been staying up later that I have in a while. I’ve reconnected with a lot of really good friends. I think the thing that would give the best glimpse into what’s going on would be the music that’s been resonating with me lately. Everyday Sunday’s Wake Up! Wake Up! basically tells the story of my life right now, and some other songs fit my various moods. Mostly stuff by Relient K and Mae and Anberlin. Let It All Out by Relient K is a good one for helping me remember that things work out for the best. A Day Late by Anberlin is kinda an echo. Mae’s Someone Else’s Arms kinda describes the last few months leading up to this. Almost anything by Ivory makes me cry right now, especially Love Finds Love. It probably will for a while…

Go look at my last.fm stream and you’ll see what I’m listening to, and if you head over to blip.fm, you’ll get a bit of the story behind the songs too. Maybe I’ll eventually be ready to write about what’s going on and what led up to it. It could be a while though. Well see…

I hope that, if thing else, someone will read this and know that they’re not the only one going through some confusing stuff right now. And if you have a song or a thought you want to share, post them in a comment. I’d like to see them.


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