Goodbye, My Love

Note: This post seems to have caused some issues. Please read my explanation and see if it clears things up. Thank you and please enjoy – Justin.

I lost my love yesterday. It was surprising: when I woke up, she was just gone. My first crush, my one and only. She walked out and left this bitter cold in her place. The way she used to gently wake me up in the mornings, the way I would melt in her warm embrace, the times we spent together. Gone, just like that. She brought such joy to my life. What happened to those times when we would spend our days at the pool. Just her and I. Now it seems everything is dying. The trees, the grass. The birds have all left. The days even seem shorter, darker. Colder. Memories of nights we spent together will stay with me forever. The feel of sweat of the sheets; the calming cool that a soft breath would bring.

I should have seen it coming. The storm clouds over us did seem to threaten our relationship. But who would’ve thought it would have ended like this?

They say you’ll come back to me, that you always do. Perhaps. But what if you don’t? How could I ever love another the way I loved you? You will always be my first love. They say that you should hold things with an open hand, but I question that sometimes. God has taken you away from me, and I feel there is no reason. No purpose for this pain and loneliness.

There is no use in questioning it — you’re gone. Nothing I can do will bring you back. All I can do is say “Goodbye, my love.”

Yet, I still wonder:

Where have you gone? Why must you go? And I beg you to come back (As if it does any good). We’ve been through so much together. We’ve weathered every storm, made it through every long winter. But this seems different. You were the best thing that ever happened to me…

Oh Summer, where have you gone?


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