Oh yeah, I have a blog

Holy crap, January 31? Between a bunch of stuff that happened recently (and not so recently), I seem to have neglected this blog. I didn’t mean it! I promise, I didn’t.

So much has happened since then. I finished my first year of college with a solid 3.5, got a car (and my license), found someone who may be in my life to stay, stopped dancing, started dancing again and moved back in with the parents over the summer. It’s been a crazy time. Just during the summer, I’ve been working 40+ hours a week almost every week. Gotta keep the pool running smoothly and all that.

School starts soon, and I’m so ready for it. Less work at the pool, back to the dorms (out of the parents’ house), calmer times for the most part. Even though it means moving over an hour away from my girlfriend and seeing a bunch of good friends move away again.

But it’s 12:10. I work 8 to 6:30 tomorrow. Yeah. I’ll write again soon. Like, before December.


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