Bring on week four!

Whew, less hours at the pool? Ha! More like 35 hours the first week of school, and 25 – 30 hours the week after and last week. This week will be my first ” normal week” – working only 2 days a week except for the occasional fill-in. Happy day! I’ll actually have time to catch up in my advertising class and spend a proper amount of time on my 2d design work. It’s gonna kill me.

2 dimensional design might seem like an easy-ish class, and for the most part, it is. However, it requires an insane amount of time and devotion. First project, I had to make upwards of 24 sketches to plot out a black-and-white foreground-background reversal piece. There were 6 separate problems we had to solve. It took a while. Now we’re working in emotion and gearing up for our first major project. But it’s a fun class. Long (three-hour studio class, twice a week), but still fun.

All my classes are going well though, I made a 100 on my first test in theater, and I’m pretty sure I rocked the socks off my physical science exam. Dance is fun, but my shoes ended up on back order somehow, oh well. Oh crap, it’s time to get some reading done for my advertising class. It’s self-paced, so I hope to finish it before the end of October.

Busyness is my life.


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