My girlfriend and I have been dealing with some stuff recently. Not stuff with each other so much, but stuff with ourselves. We’re both realizing that we’re not exactly where God wants us, and that it’s been a long time since we were (or since we even cared). One of the things that we’ve decided to do to try to fix that is start a devotional together.  Just something to get us back into the habit of spending daily time with God. Something we could do together and keep each other accountable for.

We’re currently working through the first chapter of Devotions for Dating Couples by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams. So far it’s a fairly good book for what we wanted. The first chapter is on love. It’s really been kinda convicting, because I haven’t loved God in a long time. I keep forgetting what love really is.

Something I like about our devotional is that it has a space at the end of every day to write your thoughts and comments. I think I might start writing some of the those thoughts here as we work through the book. We’ll see. I’m prone to saying things like that and not doing them.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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