Why I Never Do Anything Important

I’ve been thinking lately about all the great ideas and great things I’ve passed up on due to procrastination. Not procrastination in the normal sense, though.

Usually, procrastination is putting off something that you don’t want to do until there is no avoiding it. But for me, the form it tends to take is the way I, upon thinking of a great project idea, mentally make a list of reasons I shouldn’t go out and do it right away. I need to plan first, I have other priorities or projects that need taken care of first, I need to organize my paperclips first. Whatever. Planning is crucial, and keeping things organized is important, but when those things cause me to stall out on a great new idea and never even get it out of my brain, then we have a problem.

This is from my very own Twitter feed, and I need to start figuring out how to apply it:

It’s time to start doing something important.


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