One Year

I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year. One year since I finally saw Alyssa for who and what she was – in a very good way, of course! I’ve known her for a while, and while she admits to having noticed me the first time she saw me, I have to say it took me a while to see her as something more than a friend.

When I first met her, it was my senior year of high school, I had just started going to the homeschool co-op that she went to, and I was in a relationship that I thought was going somewhere, so I wasn’t exactly looking for anything more than friends. Boy did we become friends though. We were in newspaper and dance together. Both were fun classes with lots of time for talking and goofing around, so we got to know each other pretty well. We’d talk sometimes, and hang out after and between classes.

Then I graduated, but we kept in touch. By that point, we were fairly good friends, especially for only having known each other for a school year. And then, well, yeah. The breakup occurred and I found myself single. I still wasn’t looking for anyone though. I ended up in an awful, depressed, ” wishing I had someone but not really seeing anyone for me” phase. It was awful. Thank God for good friends though. I had people around me who I talked to quite a bit, especially some people I danced with. And Alyssa.

She concocted some crazy excuse to come and see me at school. I think she said she needed help figuring out how to use Illustrator. Looking back on it, I should’ve known what she was really up to. Not that it was bad, it was actually pretty funny. It was a Monday night, and that was when the swing dance club met, so we went

Swing dancing had become a big thing for me. Notice my lack of transition? I really don’t remember what happened here. Or in what order this all even happened. Anyway, one weekend, I’m not really sure why even, I took Alyssa with me to a dance. Then another dance. And the one after that. We definitely became dance partners at that point. It was fun, we both loved it, it was great.

Then she went a ruined it. Started doing things like laying her head on my shoulder, holding my hand when we weren’t dancing, hanging on my arm in this sweet and adorable way. I put it together pretty fast though, because I’m a sharp one. The problem was, I didn’t know how I felt about her. I mean, I loved her, and she was a great friend, but I didn’t want to start a relationship just because I was lonely and depressed.

There was another problem. I had told Alyssa a long time before (shortly after the breakup) that I would be taking either her or Lydia to their senior prom. Lydia had a date, so that left me with Alyssa. I really didn’t want to lead her on, so I needed to figure out how I felt, and fast. She kept trying to convince me to go, and after weeks of dragging my feet about going, along with prayer and stressing and talking it over with some people who I trust, I decided to just see what happened. I knew that I had moved on, so it wasn’t a rebound, I just needed to completely close that chapter and no let it affect anything else. So that’s what I did. I wasn’t going to let a relationship that turned out bad affect the potential of this new relationship.

Prom night was fantastic. Our first “official” date, I guess. All that dancing, I would definitely consider that dating, even though I didn’t exactly know it at the time. Alyssa and I had a great time at her senior prom. Then there was the after party lock-in. Alyssa and I spent most of it sitting together and just talked for a few hours. She confessed to having been in love with me for a while, and, in a somewhat anti-climactic way, we watched avatar. But the amazing end to that was that she fell asleep in my arms before the movie was over, and we woke up in the morning, still holding each other. Although we were somewhat sore – church pews are not amazing for sleeping on.

That was one year ago, and it’s been even better that I could have ever imagined.


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