Should’ve Called First…

Dear reader, I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I have an interesting live. I don’t often have time for writing full blog posts about the events that take pace in my day-to-day life. However, now that school is over, that is about to change.

My first story takes place during Easter weekend. My amazing and beautiful girlfriend was in an Easter production with her church, and after the show on Easter Sunday, her and I went to eat. Specifically, we went to steak and shake, which was about 40 minutes away from the church. Well, we get there and she realizes that she didn’t know where her phone was. Apparently, she had tried to stick it in her bag before the show started and had somehow missed the pockets and instead slid it between her bags and right onto the floor.

She was freaking out. Not that it would have been a big deal if she couldn’t get her phone until Wednesday night, but she had a Job interview Saturday morning, and it not only looked promising, but it also looked like they were wanting to hire someone rather quickly— “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t get your call saying I got the job and you want me to start tomorrow, I left my phone at church.” Yeah, that would work well.

So she’s using my phone to call everyone she can think of, first her mom, then a girl from church, then the youth pastor. No one who has a key is available. So she keeps calling and texting people, trying to figure this out and not sound stupid or annoying in the process. You know that everyone would be simply thrilled with the idea of leaving their family on Easter Sunday to come unlock the church so someone could get their stupid phone that they can’t live without.

We start driving to the church, because we figure maybe someone might still be there for some reason. And if not at least we’ll be closer, so if someone could help, we’d already be there and they wouldn’t have to wait for us.

On arriving at the church, we saw a lone car in the parking lot. We didn’t know if someone was there or if they’d just left the car there, but it was still hope. So we tried a door. Locked. We tried to sanctuary door. Open! We started to go through the door from the sanctuary to the youth chapel, and that’s when the alarm went off.

There we were sitting on my car, getting sunburned, waiting to see what would happen. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, the police showed up. Thankfully they didn’t think we were trying to break into the church. But I mean, of all the stories to tell the cops, why would you tell that one? I guess it had the ring of truth. They did however have this look on their faces like “seriously?” Anyway, the officers checked the doors and turned off the alarm and ended up calling a key holder so the doors could be locked up again. After a few more minutes, the pastor shows up.

It turns out that the door was in fact locked, but hadn’t been pushed all the way shut, so it didn’t latch. We teased her a little about setting of the alarm when calling would have worked just fine. And then we went and got her phone, and the pastor locked the church up and we left. Kinda an anticlimactic story, I know. But seriously, it was a great adventure. With a girlfriend like mine, life is never boring. It’s pretty great, actually

I think we’re writing this one in the Summer adventure book.


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