The Time Monster

I haven’t been in class since Tuesday. It seems like it’s been a lot longer than only six days, and I wouldn’t argue if this break went on forever. It’s not that I don’t like learning, but over the course of the last six days, I have noticed how much time is wasted with classes.

My girlfriend’s great-grandfather recently passed away. Her family opted to have the memorial service on the Tuesday before thanksgiving, as many family members had already been planing to visit that week. That got me out of Tuesday classes. Two professors said that attendance on Wednesday would be somewhat optional, and I work on Fridays. We traveled down to her parents’ on Tuesday, leaving mid-morning. In the time that I was gone, I got significantly more work done towards any of my class projects than I would have in a typical week of work. Even with time that was “wasted” on going to dinner, cooking, or visiting with family members, I still managed to write a part of my groups media plan, write content for a website project, and work on my final art project.

Essentially, I was more just as productive, but I actually enjoyed myself. I ate more pie, turkey, and Chinese food than I could have possibly needed. Alyssa and I spent all Tuesday afternoon (after the memorial) in Huntsville, we met one of her friends and sat at the mall, talked, and then went to another mall and sat in a coffee shop for an hour. I even painted last night and decided to type this blog post today. I’ve had  fun, and I still got things done – instead of running from work to class to bed to class, grabbing a bite to eat while on from way from one to another and just barely managing to finish all my projects on time.

School is (not so) slowly devouring all my productivity and creative energy, and it really needs to stop. Less than a month to go. I think I might make it. Then again, there’s always next semester…


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