I just sat down to write about my day, how relaxed and productive it was. I didn’t work today because the pool was closed for presidents day. It really has been a productive day. However, I just realized that I left my drawing case, including the drawing that I was about to finish, in the mass communications building. Terrific.

Good thing I have class early tomorrow, I’ll just pray that it’s still there. I would hate to have to redo that drawing after something like that.

A whole pad of newsprint sat on a table in there for a week though, so I don’t think I have too much to worry about. Plus, it has my likeness in it, drawn on a paper bag in glorious charcoal. My piercing charcoal countenance should be enough to deter anyone from stealing the fifty dollars worth of straightedge and drawing board that comprise the actual value to anyone who isn’t me.


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