Failing, Gracefully

Sometimes we just have no other option than to give up. Failure is a part of this world we live in. Knowing how and when to let yourself fail is an important thing to know. I wish I could figure it out.

I’m not a quitter. I’m a get stuff done-er. I like to do things. I don’t like free time. I’m super hard on my self. I am a perfectionist as well as an over-achiever. Much to Alyssa’s frustration, I run myself ragged doing things rather than just relaxing like I probably should.

Last year, I had an interesting experience with being forced into taking a step back, rather than a step up: I had to give on two major things. I didn’t exactly quit, but I had to let go.

First it was a very short-lived career as a server at Carrabba’s, then it was a drawing II class. They were such hard decisions. I occasionally – rarely (more often than I want to admit) – bite off more than I can chew, and unfortunately I don’t like admitting that. Not one bit. Maybe it’s my hereditarily large ego. Whatever the reason, I felt like I was quitting, even though I really just dialing back my commitment level to a somewhat reasonable level.

Learning to fail at things is one of the toughest lessons I’m still trying to learn. I don’t like giving up, backing down, or walking away. But sometimes that’s exactly what I need to do.


One thought on “Failing, Gracefully

  1. Nothing is a failure if you learn something useful from it — about yourself, the world, other people. The older you get, the easier it is to walk away from something that just isn’t working — because you have a track record of achievement and less to prove to anyone.

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