On why I have not recently written

The short answer: life is busy and I probably have some degree of an attention disorder.

Actually, that first part is not entirely true. Life is busy, but it really hasn’t affected my time for writing. I just haven’t been writing here. I think it’s some kind of odd internal struggle that I’m going through. Trying to find the balance between saying nothing and saying nothing of value. I’ve noticed this a lot in my recent journals and usage of social media. On one hand, I want to capture more of the moment (see Instagram and Twitter), sharing things as they occur to my unbelievably overactive mind. But on the other, I want to be more reserved, fleshing out my ideas before committing them to the infinite memory and scrutiny of the Internet. I want my stuff to matter, so I’m writing less fluff. (As an aside, I wonder if parenthetical insertions could be logically included in digital prose as <abbr> tags.)

Keeping a journal has likely affected the frequency of my writing as well. I’ve been keeping a Moleskine with me for the entire month of May and I’ve been filling it up with my beautifully horrid handwriting. It gives me a place to write down the thoughts that aren’t quite ready for prime time – you know, to let them mature a little (or for me to annotate in the margins with remarks like “this is rubbish” or “am I retarded?”). It also acts as an outlet for my writing, which doesn’t flow in a river great enough to supply both a full on journal and a regular blog. Not yet, anyway.

Twitter has become my primary online sharing medium, I think. At least for the moment. My tweets are posted to Facebook (something that I have mixed feelings about), so you can keep up with me there. Maybe I’m just looking for more sharing, interaction and networking and less ranting or public babbling. Follow me and see the articles and various other things that are inspiring me at the moment. I’m all about curation, so I try to keep away from the “here’s my sandwich” stuff – unless, of course, it’s a really good sandwich.


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