Just the Essentials

Since my last post, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what it is that I need in my life and what I could probably do without. For example, I have at least 150 separate applications installed on my iPhone, yet I feel like hardly any of them get used. My wife and I have a closet full of art supplies, but we don’t have time to sort through all of them–much less even use most of them. I have so many saved documents that it took me an hour to find the specific one I was looking for.

I think I’m going to continue my productivity posts with a couple of lists. Not those over-used “Five ways to Accomplish More While You Sleep” style posts (I really hate those), rather my iPhone essentials or my essential wardrobe items. As I work through those posts, maybe I’ll be inspired to finally get rid of some of the stuff that bloats my life.

Up next: Essential Workflow (or how I keep myself productive)


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